Marvellous Merino

Proud to offer our Custom Knits in 100% Merino...

As of 2018 we switched our stock wool from acrylic to natural merino. The main reason is because we're trying to lower our impact on the planet and do away with tiny man-made fibres getting in to the ocean. Even though natural yarn is more expensive to use, the properties of this wonder-wool far outweigh this irksome fact. Read on for the low-down on marvellous merino.

December 01, 2017


Gaargh - busy, busy, busy. We're just in the process of rejigging the Funi site and updating our wool stocks. Keep an eye online for our new merino custom knits coming soon. Sorry we've been horrendous at keeping up with any news on this wee blog.

Meanwhile, here's a lovely snap of Joan our eldest knitter who's back knitting for us this week.

May 27, 2016

Don't forget your beanie! And other things...

Because we're good to you - we've enlisted the help of some guest writers to bring you a host of useful articles. First up... 

5 Most Common Things We Forget to Pack

Have you ever managed to take yourself on a ski trip without forgetting to pack at least something in the process? If the answer is no, congratulations – you are every bit as normal as the rest of us! With so much to remember, it’s almost inevitable that one or two bits and pieces will be overlooked or forgotten. As such, the key lies in focusing on what’s most important, making sure you don’t forget anything you are desperately going to need.

Meribel Luxury Ski Chalets


But if you’d ever wondered exactly what the most frequently-forgotten of all items are among those heading out to their Chourchevel or Meribel luxury ski chalets, here’s a quick rundown of the top-five:

1 – Copies of Travel Documents

With a bit of luck, you won’t need them…and chances are you’ll be keeping your fingers crossed that you don’t. But if circumstances arise where copies of your travel documents are called for, not having made and brought said copies can be both frustrating and catastrophic in equal measures. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of ski-trippers each and every year completely overlook this fundamental essential – the kind of mistake you really don’t appreciate until you make it personally!

2 – Sun Protection

It’s reasonably common these days for you to pack a tube of SPF 30. But large amounts of snow creates a reflection of the sun's strong rays meaning there's a high chance you'll miss somewhere when applying so the only option is to cover up. We also wholeheartedly recommend picking up a beanie from for added protection both on and off the slopes. And if you happen to be traveling with kids, there’s no such thing as bringing too much sun protection along for the ride.

The Charley Beanie

3 – An Extra Memory Card

If you plan to spend time in the most opulent luxury chalets the Three Valleys has to offer, it’s inevitable that you will want to take a thousand and one photographs of your gorgeous surroundings. And while it’s not to say that it is impossible to buy additional memory cards upon your arrival, there’s really no sense in doing so when it is much easier (and cheaper) to pick them up at home before you set off. Among ski-trippers in particular, forgetting memory cards, chargers and other accessories is pretty common to say the least.

4 – Reusable Water Bottles

An absolute must when it comes to packing your chosen beverages for a day on the slopes, plastic water bottles are the kinds of essentials you will find yourself using all day and every day. But at the same time, they are also among the most commonly and frequently forgotten essentials of all. Chances are they will sell them at your resort, but why waste time shopping for basics when you can grab what you need before you set off?

5 – Plug Converters

Last but not least, there is very little more frustrating than turning up at your chosen resort only to realise that you cannot plug in any of the electrical items you brought along. You forgot to bring along the necessary converters and now face the challenge of both finding them on sale and procuring them for a price that isn’t about 10X higher than it is at home. Suffice to say, not the most relaxing start to your ski holiday!

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Know your Nanna!

Want to know who knits your hats? Every week we'll be profiling one of our knitters... and this week it's Marilynne.

Enjoy! Jem. x

Marilynne Harrison aka Maz or Ratbag or Jemma's Mum

Second in command and in charge of everything I've forgotten - Mazza has been knitting for over 3 decades now. Not only does she make all The Cables, she also does most of the Funi admin. Thanks to being a secretary in her younger days Marilynne is super efficient. Her game doesn't drop even after a boozy lunch, which - let's face it Maz - are all too frequent nowadays. At a conservative estimate she and the rest of the gang can probably get through a bottle of gin in one sitting.

When she's not running around after her 3 fully grown kids and 3 grandchildren you'll find her smacking the hell out of a ball at the local golf club, playing bowls, hustling OAP's at cards or working in her charity shop. Marilynne is a pretty much game for anything and an all round good egg. Oh yeah, and she learnt to ski at the age of 60. GNARLY!



November 17, 2014

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New products ahoy!

In time for the winter 14/15 season, check out our new facemasks "The Chief".

Made from organic brushed fleece and upcycled materials, this is the ultimate eco-friendly face warmer. Oh, and of course they're handmade in the UK by our crack-team of grannies. 



Nannas Sofa - our Funi facemaskThe Denim Chief FacemaskPink Cord Facemask

February 07, 2014

Got ourselves a sweet little write-up in Natives didn't we?

If you fancy knowing a bit more about Funi, how it started, who's behind it, what the grannies do on their day off etc... then have a read of this. Funi founder Jemma Harrison was approached by snowsports site Natives to shed a bit of light on our great British company.

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February 02, 2014

In shops...

Whilst we're pretty darn confident that our hats look good on anyone, we know you lot like to try before you buy. So we've been working on a new range of ready-made beanies which will be exploding in to shops near you very soon. First up, and because we genuinely love these guys, it's Jib Tuning in Dorset. 

For anyone that snowboards, there's nothing better than strapping in to a freshly pimped and primed board on the first day up the mountain. At the opposite end, there's nothing worse than lagging behind your mates just because your board is drier than C-list celebrity in rehab. And that's where these boys come in. 

Recognised as some of the best tuners and technicians in the industry (Jib Tuning were the guys taking care of riders kit at this year's Freeze festival) they know what they're on about. Their online shop and their pad in Poole is kitted out with everything you need to do a slamming DIY job, or you can just take your board in for the 5-star treatment. Oh, and whilst you're there, check out the full range of Funi beanies.

Jib Tuning Snowboard tuning in Poole