February 02, 2014

Custom beanies and knitwear

Funi is an ethical custom knitwear company with a soul. Everything we create comes from years of experience behind the needles and a deep seated commitment to doing things a little bit differently. 

Funi beanies are brought to you with as much care for the environment and their workers as possibleIf you want to design your own beanie or choose from our ready-made knitted hats, you can trust that every bobble hat and bit of knitwear comes with our 'Respect and Protect' seal. Whether it's using recycled yarns, vegetable ink in our printers or British granny power instead cheap foreign labour - we try to make sure every item comes to you with as much consideration for our scene and for other people. From our seasonal collections of statement scarves and beanies to our 'create your own' headwear, we've got it covered. Established in 2008, our main priority is to bring you top notch gear that you'll love, but in doing so we didn't want to compromise on our morals. So have a browse, buy a beanie and enjoy.


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In shops...

Whilst we're pretty darn confident that our hats look good on anyone, we know you lot like to try before you buy. So we've been working on a new range of ready-made beanies which will be exploding in to shops near you very soon. First up, and because we genuinely love these guys, it's Jib Tuning in Dorset. 

For anyone that snowboards, there's nothing better than strapping in to a freshly pimped and primed board on the first day up the mountain. At the opposite end, there's nothing worse than lagging behind your mates just because your board is drier than C-list celebrity in rehab. And that's where these boys come in. 

Recognised as some of the best tuners and technicians in the industry (Jib Tuning were the guys taking care of riders kit at this year's Freeze festival) they know what they're on about. Their online shop and their pad in Poole is kitted out with everything you need to do a slamming DIY job, or you can just take your board in for the 5-star treatment. Oh, and whilst you're there, check out the full range of Funi beanies.

Jib Tuning Snowboard tuning in Poole

Jemma Harrison
Jemma Harrison