March 19, 2015

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Custom beanies and knitwear

Funi is an ethical custom knitwear company with a soul. Everything we create comes from years of experience behind the needles and a deep seated commitment to doing things a little bit differently. 

Funi beanies are brought to you with as much care for the environment and their workers as possibleIf you want to design your own beanie or choose from our ready-made knitted hats, you can trust that every bobble hat and bit of knitwear comes with our 'Respect and Protect' seal. Whether it's using recycled yarns, vegetable ink in our printers or British granny power instead cheap foreign labour - we try to make sure every item comes to you with as much consideration for our scene and for other people. From our seasonal collections of statement scarves and beanies to our 'create your own' headwear, we've got it covered. Established in 2008, our main priority is to bring you top notch gear that you'll love, but in doing so we didn't want to compromise on our morals. So have a browse, buy a beanie and enjoy.


Read more about Funi.

Know your Nanna!

Want to know who knits your hats? Every week we'll be profiling one of our knitters... and this week it's Marilynne.

Enjoy! Jem. x

Marilynne Harrison aka Maz or Ratbag or Jemma's Mum

Second in command and in charge of everything I've forgotten - Mazza has been knitting for over 3 decades now. Not only does she make all The Cables, she also does most of the Funi admin. Thanks to being a secretary in her younger days Marilynne is super efficient. Her game doesn't drop even after a boozy lunch, which - let's face it Maz - are all too frequent nowadays. At a conservative estimate she and the rest of the gang can probably get through a bottle of gin in one sitting.

When she's not running around after her 3 fully grown kids and 3 grandchildren you'll find her smacking the hell out of a ball at the local golf club, playing bowls, hustling OAP's at cards or working in her charity shop. Marilynne is a pretty much game for anything and an all round good egg. Oh yeah, and she learnt to ski at the age of 60. GNARLY!



Jemma Harrison
Jemma Harrison