What we do and how we do it

Essentially, we make really great knitwear... 

From our seasonal collections of statement scarves and beanies to custom headwear you can design yourself, we've got it covered. Established in 2008, we are an ethical beanie company trying to do things a little bit differently. 

Our main priority is to bring you top notch gear that you'll love. But in doing so we didn't want to compromise on our morals. So everything Funi does, from using vegetable ink in our printers to paying in to The Converging World, is there to protect our scene. Our Respect and Protect seal makes sure that our goods make it to you with as much care for the environment and workers as possible. We love people, hills, water, mountains and snow, so protecting and helping those things come pretty high up on our 'to do' list.

Funi pays in to The Converging World

You'll also notice that we're quite a hands-on British brand. Our headwear is made in the UK by a crack-team of knitters - and being able to say "we manufacture in Britain" is something we're proud of. The yarn we use is made and spun in the North of England. We dabbled with using other countries to produce our stuff, but frankly it felt a little wrong. So even our team and club beanies are made by us in Britain now. Good eh?

Equally as high up on the list is the will to "give back". Funi is involved with various charities including St Mungo's Help for the Homeless and it's Woolly Hat day as well as The Belarus FundWe strongly advise you to read a bit more about our Chernobyl Bobbles. It's rhyming charitable haberdashery, what's not to love?

Enough of the showing off though, as once we were just 2 young girls with no cash, a pair knitting needles and youtube. Making hats paid for several winter seasons in the French Alps, then one day we thought "let's do it for a job".

So we did.

Funi beanies knitting yarn and wool