Rhyming Haberdashery...

The Chernobyl Bobble is Funi's charity pompom scheme

For every pompom you buy in the "hat designer" we'll give £1 to our favoured charity The Belarus Fund. This is a great charity helping people affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster. 
Last April marked 25 years since the power plant ruptured and those living near-by still feel the effects. Rates of thyroid cancer soared 3000%, plus there's been a dramatic increase in the number of still-born babies and those born with severe disabilities such as brain damage, or without arms or legs. The government is financially stretched and does little or nothing to help these peoples, who find it difficult to get work and live in the kind of poverty that is unacceptable in modern-day Europe. So, we've waded in with our charitable haberdashery and play a small part in helping to make a difference. 

Many of our knitters also support this charity and there is a strong link between Scunthorpe - where most our workers are based - and the children of Belarus. Funi founder Jemma grew up in North Lincolnshire and there were often school trips of kids from near Chernobyl who would visit for the summer. It turns out we've got great clean air in the Lincolnshire country-side!

So, think of the Chernobyl Bobble as fashion with passion, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.